Growing Your Business When the World Is On Fire

by Amanda Abella  - November 17, 2020

Get Over Your Fear of Expansion

One big mindset shift that has helped me in 2020 is getting over my fear of expansion.

We are in a time of expansion because most people will get scared, and they’re going to contract. They’re not going to move because they are letting their emotions take over. As a result, they’re probably going to make some bad decisions.

I’m going to decide to expand because it’s in these moments of huge contraction that the top business owners decide to expand. How can they expand in these crazy times?

First, they have the courage to expand when most people are retracting because of fear. Secondly, they understand that expanding now will place their company in an excellent position when we’re on the other side of this big crazy economic mess that we are all living through.

However, there is one big problem with business women and men taking the steps forward to expand – people are afraid of expansion. Believe it or not, I suffer from fear of success, which affects my expansion. If you look me up online, you’ll see this bitch has done a lot with her business. I was hoping you could realize that this has happened even with my fear because I have learned how to move past my fears.


Playing Small is Not Playing at All

I actually played small for a long time, not using the potential I knew I had because I was afraid of that expansion. I thought that if my business grew fast that I would have many more problems.

Additionally, you become vulnerable when you expand your business. You have more eyes on you, a higher chance of being judged or scorned by others because of what you do. The minute someone starts getting hate because they are expanding, they will stop because they take the insult personally when many times that hate reflects the other person’s jealousy or own internal problems.

We are also conditioned by society to stay small, out of sight, and out of trouble. Also, we are taught not to call attention to ourselves. I had to really get over my own fear of expansion, and I’m probably still working through it, to be honest, but it’s definitely not as bad as it was before.


Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Expansion

Here are tips that have really helped me get over my fear of expansion, and I hope they have value for you as a business owner.

Tip #1 Be more comfortable with conflict

My coach told me that I have to get more comfortable because there will be some conflict. There’s going to be problems, no matter what. Rachel Rogers also said the same thing. “You’re going to have problems either way.” You might as well be rich and have problems than be poor and have problems. It’s absolutely true! I might as well go hard and go big to be successful and reach my goals.

Tip #2 Stick to your mission

Number two is to become more about your mission. For example, I’m currently on a mission to assist women business owners in our free Facebook group. That is a mission that is something I can get behind and get excited about every day!

When you’re on a mission, the decisions that you make every day are more focused. The actions you take are different when bullshit comes up because you focus on your mission and not as bothered by the unimportant haters out in the world. Make sure not to give negative situations because you’re too busy with your mission.

Your purpose behind your mission drives you to jump out of bed and get productive. If you don’t have a mission, create one and start planning how you will execute your mission today.


Choose Business and Personal Expansion

What will you decide – to expand or contract? I’ll be honest that expansion hasn’t always been easy, especially because 2020 has been difficult for many people. However, you can make the daily mindful choice to choose expansion as I choose expansion. And when you come up against fears of expansion, identify and move through your fear.

Make sure to surround yourself with people and specific positive business environments online to support you through these difficult times!

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