How Confidence and Committing to Excellence will Close Sales

by Amanda Abella  - March 8, 2022

Natalie Bullen has the Sales 411 for us today, so listen in to learn more about how you can uprank your sales pitch by using confidence and excellence in closing your next sale.

Unapologetic Wealth

Natalie is a coach, precisely a money mindset and sales coach, and she loves talking about how women can create wealth.

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Her firm, Unapologetic Wealth, gets women out of their own way with apologizing and all the shrinking that we do when it comes to having our own money.

“I want you to be rich and not have to apologize for it.”

I love it!

Beware of Self-Rejection

Natalie and I see many self-rejecting women who then wonder why they don’t achieve their goals. “They are rejecting themselves before they feel like the world will reject them. They don’t think their offer has value, and they don’t think that if they present their offer to the world, that anyone will buy.”

“If a person doesn’t buy my coaching services, it doesn’t mean my coaching services were bad. Likewise, someone not buying doesn’t raise the red flag that I’m a bad salesperson.” Most of the time, says Natalie, they may not have been a qualified lead, or it’s just not the right time in their buying cycle.

Pick Up the Phone and Call Your Sales Leads

Her advice to get more sales is, “Pick up the fucking phone!” Creating a personal connection makes more money than people who rely on email marketing.

“I’m not saying that email is a bad sales vehicle, but for the kind of business I’m running and for a lot of people’s businesses, sending emails into a vacuum doesn’t work.”

The Importance of Having Self-Confidence

She believes the women she coaches are badass regardless of how the world or men feel about them. Know that your work will take time, and you won’t succeed overnight. So you most likely won’t make your first six figures right out of the gate.

Make sure to charge rates that will support you and your household. Don’t discount your services; that will create a poverty vortex. If you don’t know how to sell or market your business, you’ll need to hire someone to help you reach the level you need to get to in your industry.

Sell Yourself Everyday

“I know how to have sales activity every damn day. You would think that that would be a constant, but I’m shocked at the fact that people don’t not only are they not doing daily sales activity, they don’t even know what daily sales activity is.”

What are some daily sales activities that you should be doing? What are revenue-generating activities?

Writing blogs and increasing your SEO is considered customer outreach, education, and marketing. “Women are doing everything but selling and they’re building up a, quite an impressive amount of assets. They’ve got beautiful branding, trademark gorgeous website.”

To sell, says Natalie, you actually need to connect with your target audience. So send them a DM, get them on the phone, shoot them a text, do a live with your call to action.

Sell Instead of Help

Many people who love to help people hate sales. That’s why they think they shouldn’t sell because they view taking money from people as harmful. Charging people less does not equate to being kind. That equals making less money for your business and devaluing your products or services.

Sell Your Leads on Your Benefits and What Problems You Solve

When you sell your lead, you want to show your potential clients and sell them the benefits they will receive when purchasing from you. How will your service save them time money or make them look good? What stress is your service taking away for someone else? “And your clients are going to be eating out the palm of your hand.

You also need to have the confidence to sell your leads. Have a sales process and know your consumer’s pain points to address them when you have that sales talk.

Committing to Excellence for Your Customers

“You have to commit to your customer process and commit to excellence, and that is a daily commitment.” Number two is attitude. When you have a positive attitude and show up professionally, people are willing to pay more for your services because they know they can rely on you to get the job done.

“If you don’t get the right help and have right employees to build your team, you’re sunk.” Your employees are interfacing with your clients. If your team doesn’t like their job or they’re poorly trained, they’re going to run off all your customers.

“I want expansion for myself and for our clients. We want our clients getting results. We want them thinking bigger. I want to think bigger and my team to get rich and thinking in that way.”

Upselling So You’re Not Burning Out on Selling Daily

If you’re burnt out, fatigued, and tired, you need to charge more money and get better at sales. First, you want to figure out how to generate recurring revenue to generate upsells.

Whether that comes in the form of long-term contracts, upselling to bigger and better products or services, or a method of passive income, you have to find out which product or service you can offer that can generate income without you selling 24/7.

Start Selling Now!

“So if you want to get better at sales, you’re just going to have to start selling,” Natalie says.

You can’t wait for a sudden burst of courage. Courage comes from doing something you’re afraid of doing. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be courageous, right?

So start being courageous and start selling and closing your sales.

Stop Caring About What Other People Think About You

Natalie has some kick-ass advice to all of you out there in the sales battleground. “The most lucrative thing you could do is stop caring what people think about you.” That’s what stops people from launching. “I launched today and I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t care if people think Natalie’s crazy, because I know how to sell.”

“People will support me and more people are going to support me and pay then are going to criticize.” And when people criticize you, they’re most likely criticizing themselves. So don’t worry what people think about you; you are out there to get sales, make money, and unapologetically become wealthy!


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