The Chaotic Year in Review, Part II

by Amanda Abella  - December 22, 2020

My team and I are going to take a hiatus and damn well-deserved break for this holiday season. For the first time in years, I’m going to be able to do what I want and choose to do, and that’s to spend more time with my family and my team to reflect, wind down and complete this year.

I hope you’re doing the same. I’m taking a break and have decided to commit to it this time.

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Leadership Lessons in a Time of Crisis

This year’s theme has been leadership, which is where the biggest lessons and growth opportunities have happened. Many times my growth opportunities have really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

If you’re in business, you’ll end up in situations where you are taking a leadership role. There will be situations of crisis, hopefully not to the extent we’ve had in 2020 again. I make a joke that if we can get through this year, we can go through anything! Future challenges are going to be a cakewalk in comparison to 2020.

Money Doesn’t Trigger Me Anymore

Money isn’t a tool for me to survive like it used to be in my life. When the pandemic happened, I would get triggered by money. When everything started shutting down and I had a flashback from 2008 when the last big economic downturn happened. This event really pushed me to start seeing money in a very different way.

One example is that I started seeing debt differently. I did an episode on how I paid off about $20,000 in 10 weeks. And this was a business debt that I decided to take on right before the pandemic. Not only did my risk work out, but this move also helped my company expand so that I could be more vocal on social media, and we could create a better experience for clients.

I mean, if I had not taken on that debt, It would have been impossible to survive 2020 because we would have been inundated, and we wouldn’t have been able to do the things that would have allowed us to make money and survive as a business.

One of my biggest leadership lessons is to take a damn risk. Many of you don’t fucking do that because you’re so concerned with safety and security that you don’t take a damn risk to have the ability to move forward.

Why Outsourcing Work is Vital to Company Growth

I hired more team members during this crisis. We brought on a sales team to get in front of potential clients. Again, expanding my team in a time of crisis is taking a risk spending money on ads in a time of crisis is taking a risk.

I also understand the value of not taking on tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius. There are certain tasks that, as the owner of the business, are your damn responsibility. For me this year, this was learning Facebook ads. I’d hired people to run ads, but we didn’t get much value out of hiring another company to run our ads, so I decided to learn how to run ads myself, and now we’re getting better results.

I know my audience better than anyone else. An outsourced company can’t understand my tribe in the level of detail that I understand all of you.

Holding Space for My Tribe

I hold that space of being an example to follow for my team and my audience because I knew people would be paying attention to how I acted in 2020. I knew people were taking serious notes about the way leaders behave this year.

Holding onto a vision of the future is vital to moving through this crisis. Even though our world is upside-down right now, we’re still going to take risks, stick our necks out and show up.

No matter what is going on around us, we need to make certain decisions for our future. This is an area that gets difficult for people because they decide based on their current reality and senses. However, what many don’t realize is that it can be highly flawed when you decide based on your reality because we have a limited perception of reality. Make decisions with the future in mind.

Pay Attention to Variables You Can Control

If we paid attention and took care of variables we could control, we can have a very bright future. Throughout all of 2020, this is the approach my team took, and I’m very proud of how my team handled this chaotic year!

Looking ahead, I want to expand the Facebook group as I envision 10,000 members. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, find us high ticket sales for women coaches and course creators. Community is going to be a considerable focus for me and my company. This year, our community reactivated in a new way, and the process has been very magical.

When it’s safe, I’d love to create and host retreats and events at a point in the future. Many of you in my tribe have been asking me about this for years, and I’d like to make that a reality for everyone when the world opens up again; this is something that we really want to do!

I’m so grateful that you’re part of my community, and I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group, on our email list, and social media when you engage with us! Please share this blog with someone you know who can use a bit of inspiration, and invite your friends to join our community as well!


Enjoy your holidays, and I will see you in 2021!


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