Building your Business Around Your Ideal Lifestyle with Lara Wellman

by Amanda Abella  - November 16, 2021

The minute I met Lara, I knew we were kindred spirits. So I’m excited that she shared her wisdom and knowledge about referral marketing.

Making More Money with Marketing

When she first started out in her career, Lara was a business consultant. After a while, she started having clients come to her because they wanted her to help figure out how to make more money with marketing. “We would dig into all the things you need to know to have a solid marketing plan, which are the foundations of having a good business, knowing who you are and what you sell and who it’s for.”

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Unfortunately, her clients weren’t aware of the different aspects of marketing for your business and how they build your business foundation. She wanted to educate her clients to have an excellent marketing foundation to build their business and improve sales and income.

“I would meet business owners who would struggle with how to figure out marketing.” They were doing business how it should be done – in their mind. However, that didn’t match the reality of marketing, so she started finding ways to help people market in their own way and find the confidence to be a successful business owner.

Owning a Business and ADHD

“Many business owners with ADHD have big ideas and big dreams, and that’s like a really great part of being a business owner.” Unfortunately, as I know too well, the group of us with ADHD are good at taking our ideas and running with them. Still, we’re not good at details, follow-through, and execution. As a result, we get distracted or stuck in the process.

There are two items Lara has learned to do to move past getting stuck and distracted, with the first one: “Focus on other things that you do well and stop trying to do things the way other people do them.” The second item she suggests is to get support for the tasks you’re not good at because you’re less likely to follow through with jobs that you aren’t good at or don’t like doing.

Be Authentic and Real in Business

One thing that we’re known for is not sugar coating shit. But, unfortunately, I feel there’s all a whole lot of sugar coating, especially in women-centric spaces; there’s way too much fucking sugarcoating going on about what it takes to run a business.

When you’re creating a new business that feels difficult, or you believe it’s going to be difficult, you’re going to hate it because your thinking is using up more energy than it needs to with negative thinking. Instead, save your energy for the elements of your business that happen throughout running a business.

Executing Your Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle design is all about executing your plan, and if you don’t delegate the tasks you don’t like to do, it will take you longer to reach your end goal. Period.

If you want to become a digital nomad, you need to test overseas and learn how to execute more slow travel. I’ve been talking about this lifestyle for about three years and had to rearrange my whole business to achieve my desired lifestyle. My first business wasn’t working, so I had to think differently and have a real new identity.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not thinking about how they want to live their lives; they only think about making money. To plan your ultimate life, you need to reverse design what you want to do. First, think about the lifestyle you want to live and then design your work around your lifestyle.

Designing Your Business Model to Fit Your Lifestyle Choices

Where you want to work, how you want to work, what you want to do for your work – there are so many pieces of designing your business model when you take them into consideration.

Thinking about how each piece will fit into your new lifestyle puzzle will help you build the right business instead of letting your career happen by accident.

Creating High Ticket Sales

“People are so afraid that nobody’s going to want to spend money on high-ticket sales.” You can charge high ticket sales when you offer complete service. “I find people aren’t even offering high-ticket sales to people. That’s called making the decision for the buyer – and it’s a vast sales mistake. Buyers are grown-ass adults, and they can make decisions for themselves.”

I want to offer you this complete service, and we’ll take care of everything. Of course, it will cost you more, but you’re going to get more. That’s how I found some of the people I’ve worked with and started to get comfortable with pitching high-dollar sales.

Get Out of Your Box and Be Uncomfortable

“Don’t look for the hard stuff, look for the easy way, but know that there are going to be moments that are uncomfortable. So when you start telling somebody your new pricing and it feels uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It’s just that you need to travel through the process. And the next time, once it starts getting too easy to do those numbers, then you can raise your pricing again.”

Remember, the more you sell your time, the harder it will be to move forward and make more money. But it’s not just about your time; it’s about how you want to live your life, what type of lifestyle you want to build for yourself, and how you want to create your world.

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