Biggest Financial A-ha’s of 2019

by Amanda Abella  - November 26, 2019

Prerequisites to Heal Your Finances

These are prerequisites to heal your finances because when you’re able to do that, you’re ready to make decisions from a more balanced place. There is a different mindset that is necessary to start getting your finances together.

Back in July, we took finances back to the basics with basic personal finances and starting from square one. Then we started going into the mindsets of financially abundant people, and now we’re starting much more in-depth topics. Lessons such as there are no such things as wasted money, and when you get clear on what you want, the universe brings opportunity to you.

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Ask, and You Shall Receive

When you have an ask of the universe, your intention may be manifested very, very quickly, and frequently that manifestation may not look like something that you wanted or what you have doesn’t look the way that you expected. This is part of the reason why people stay stuck. There is a decision to make based on what the universe gives you, and you don’t make a decision.

Answer the Door When Opportunity Comes Knocking

Opportunities show up, but do you recognize the opportunity which lies ahead of you? You may be allowed to become a health coach or freelance writer. If I’m talking to a freelance writer, they may tell me that they have been making a little bit of money here and there, but they’re still struggling. After a conversation with them, I realize there’s a history of under-earning the business model, or maybe their model isn’t scalable; their not branded or their not an authority in their field.

Do You Succumb to Dabbling?

I have complete compassion for the other person because they may have recently started on this journey. However, what I’m noticing more and more often is there’s much dabbling going on in their work environment. Business owners want their business to start or grow, but they’re just dabbling in the idea. They haven’t yet devoted themselves to an abundant life, and they have not committed to a successful business. As a result, there’s a whole lot of dabbling going on with their decision making process. There’s too much indecision when people consider different opportunities.

You may get an opportunity to invest in what you say you want to do, such as a coaching program, online class, or an event. There’s multiple ways that you can invest in your business. There’s a whole lot of indecision because you’re scared. What you need to do is to replace your fear with your current financial goal you have right now!

Replacing Fear with Financial Goals

When I learned this concept, this changed my perspective and outlook. Every time I come up against a financial problem, every time I come up against a hang-up, or any other roadblocks, I use this process.

How to Replace Your Fear with Your Goals

Number one, successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. What does that mean? People who are successful trust themselves; they trust their gut; they believe their instincts. Most people who walk around the face of the planet, do not trust themselves at all because they’ve been told their whole lives that they shouldn’t. Successful people see failure as a data point, successful people take full responsibility, and successful people make decisions quickly. They understand that you don’t always have a whole lot of time to make a decision. Another concept they know is that avoiding making a decision is still making a decision. The second thing to keep in mind is that very successful people understand that there is a solution to problems.

The solution to your problem exists at the same time and space. If your problem is a lack of money, the solution to that problem exists in your vicinity. People would decide against the solution to one of their problems. The reason they would choose against the solution to one of their problems is that, often, the solution looks like something we don’t want to do.

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