Activating Your Prey Drive, with Coach Burt (Part 2)

by Amanda Abella  - June 9, 2020

Michael “Coach Burt” and I talk more about thriving in a crisis economy, by starting with a driving factor some of us have experienced. It’s called “Prey Drive”.

Prey drive is a drive inside of you that is typically activated by an external factor. A prey drive competition can activate a prey drive, a fear of loss, losing connection, or debate. Your prey drive is the mindset that kicks in when you feel you are losing out on something important to you, so you go into prey drive and create a higher level of what you were going to previously present or show to others.


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Turn Pain Into Thriving

I relate to Michael’s content so much because many of my clients talk about being “in their feelings,” and I tell them they need to turn anger into power. Cause that’s what I do. When someone pisses me off or says me no, I get to a healthy level of not giving an F., And when I get to that healthy dose of not giving an F, I am on stoppable. You and I can both relate to turning that pain into thriving and transmuting that energy into decisive action. I have found that sometimes people struggle with that concept.


Fight the Comfort

Comfort is the biggest fight we’re in America. You could say we are also fighting against complacency. We have a complacent nation. What if you don’t have that hurt feeling? What if you don’t have a coach stimulating the drive, the person telling you you’re not good enough? Then you reach a static state.

I need the fight to be in, a game to win, a competition to play. I need a person to say you’re only got 15 minutes cause you’re not a big-time person. I want to do something legendary, and to do something legendary; I need this battle to win.


What Business Owners Can Do to Thrive Despite Challenges

Michael advises business owners who are doubtful about the current economy. “Remove any consideration or hesitation that people are not spending money because that will prohibit them from taking action they need to take, then activate prey drive.

Moved to an explanation of your service, selling your system, followup, and the extraction of referrals. Next, move to the person of interest. Now that’s the system.” Michael hasn’t strayed from his system; he has only increased the intensity by making more phone calls, engaging at a higher level with current clients, working for his top 25 associations better. He is producing more social media; he has intensified his effort.


Michael’s Advice for Selling in a Crisis Economy

“I don’t know where the deals are going to come from, where the next big multimillion-dollar deal is, but I do know this: It doesn’t happen if I do nothing. Back in the old days, our parents would tell us to go out, play with rocks. That was what you did for fun – you went out and picked up rocks and threw them. You pick up rocks as a kid to see what was underneath the rock.” He equates selling to looking underneath a rock. “I don’t know where the money is going to come from. I know that it’s going to come from me uncovering, initiating, making the call, working the muscle, building the association, and then the associations from the associations.”

There’s no shortage here in business – folks have money, and you have an opportunity. The deficiency lies in a lack of effort, of thinking, creativity, and courage. There is no shortage of money. Take that mind shift and apply it to your business.


Earth is An Economic Planet

There is plenty of money to be had; our problem is the mindset that you can’t sell anything to anyone right now, talk to them. Money changes hands when issues are solved. If I have a problem and I think you can solve that problem for me, I will invest the money in solving the problem.

I think the people who are saying there’s no money don’t understand that small businesses need revenue to produce, hire employees, market, and serve customers. They’ve got to have money and, quite frankly, I don’t care what economy you’re in, you need to be prospecting every day for new money. It would be best if you produced new revenue and quit listening to that person that says there’s no money out there.


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