7 Business Lessons to Level Up Your Business

by Amanda Abella  - August 31, 2021

As you listen to this special Episode #200 of the podcast, I’m very appreciative of you – my longtime listener!

I’m also grateful for those who have been around since 2010, when I started this entire journey!

Thank you to all my followers who have joined me in their financial and business journeys!

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The Amanda Abella Story

I started the Making Money Your Honey podcast in 2016 and decided to name the podcast after my book.

When I started, I had no idea what I was doing. I saw that podcasts were popular in the financial space and thought podcasting sounded like fun.

I got everything set up in one weekend.

Business Advice and Lessons for Small Business Owners

Lesson 1:  You don’t have to take a long time to execute on projects!

Many of my followers have ideas that you don’t execute. People tend to procrastinate by taking too much time to weigh the pros and the cons. My team will tell you; I don’t think I execute.

I used to suffer from shiny object syndrome back in 2016. I’m going to change everything on a dime because so-and-so did this thing. At this point, the wheels started to fall off for me. At that time, I’d been freelance writing for about six years. I’d made a name for myself in the financial space. It was pretty easy for me to get gigs.

I was starting to make good money when I realized I was meant for bigger things. It was beginning to feel like I lost my reason for writing. In addition, my wrists started hurting badly, and I didn’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lesson #2: If something’s not working for you and it’s frustrating, change what you’re doing!

It’s easy to blame outside circumstances. You have to switch your thinking to bring your power back.

Using Meditation for New Ideas

I’ve been meditating for ten years now. Several years ago, the word system kept popping into my head. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant. I’m like, what the fuck does that even mean? Nevertheless, this word kept popping up in my head. So I started investing in mentorship from people who better-understood systems. I found left-brained people and paid them for their guidance and advice.

Lesson #3: Don’t try to figure shit out yourself!

Go find people who know more than you do, and pay them to learn more.

Lesson #4: Scale Your Business!

You need to start thinking about scaling for those of you who are freelance service providers who offer one-on-one coaching.

Start thinking about your systems; otherwise, you end up overworked.

Pivoting in Business

In 2017, I would have to make massive, scary pivots and changes to scale my business model. So in the summer of 2017, Persuade to Profit was born. It’s our famous 90-day sales training program. Our clients get amazing results.

Lesson #5: Things change!

Everything evolves, including business. In the summer of 2017, Persuade to Profit was only six weeks long and focused more on influence and brand building. I charged $1,700 per client for the beta group.

When I brought P to P out into the marketplace, I made $10,000 in cash in two weeks. This was a big pivotal turning point for my business. Number one, I charged for the beta group, and I charged pretty good money at the time for a beta program.

Lesson #6: Stop doing work for free!

Stop giving away your programs for free. You can also launch your course without having all the assets because you need market validation first. I see business owners spending a lot of time, money, energy, and effort on videos and training without testing your idea in the marketplace. Then you slap it on a website and get pissed off when no one’s buying it.

Pre-sell first. Second, charge for the beta. You should be making money from the beginning and charge good money for the beta because it’s good shit that you’re giving.

Un-complicate Your Business Plan

We make up all these ideas in our heads about how complicated it is to make money. It’s not that complicated – solve a problem and sell the solution to the problem. That’s it.

I was inspired to grow my business because I had recently moved into a condo in Brickell, a lovely area in Miami. I had motherfucking rent to pay. That was it. That’s all that did it.

The other thing that happened is that I found Grant Cardone. When I had just made ten grand in two weeks, three people mentioned Grant Cardone to me. I was tired of being broke, so his message was the message I needed to hear at the right time. So I started following Grant Cardone and focusing on expansion. I started hearing for the first time about hiring a team and having employees.

Spend 95% of your time making money and 5% of the time managing your money – that was a fucking game changer for me. Because up until that point, I’d spent 95% of the time managing and only 5% of the time making it suitable.

I shifted and started listening to business, leadership, and sales podcasts. Then, I went to unleash the power with Tony Robbins. Because of my change of mindset, my business doubled in revenue, and I quit all my freelance writing clients in the summer of 2019.

Focus on Mastering the Skill Set

Don’t focus on the result; focus on mastering the skill set. When you master the skill set, you’re automatically going to get results. That’s what I did with sales, and now I’m mastering leadership. My growth edge is leading an internal team. I’m committed to learning the skill set, not the result that I’m trying to get.

When you scale and grow your business, you’ll have new issues to deal with. Next lesson problems are not a bad thing. I’ve learned this over time. They’re annoying, and you don’t like having them.

Lesson #7: Always shoot for bigger business!

When you get to six figures, you have a whole other level of problems. So we go hard on setting the right foundations from the beginning to avoid other issues later down the pipeline.

Change Your View on Debt

My view on debt has changed.

There’s a difference between going into debt over bullshit and spending more money than you earn and going into debt to collapse your business timeline, learning what you have to understand, making more money, and moving on.

Work to Achieve What You Manifest in Life and Business

Sometimes you just got to work. You can’t manifest, sit on a pillow all fucking day, visualize and not pick up the phone and not send an email and not do hard things. It doesn’t work that way. It takes work to fulfill your dreams and do what you want to do. And it’s worth it! So many people are afraid to lose relationships. I’ve let go of relationships that don’t need to be around while trying to get my vision out into the world. Now I’m trying to better myself. You don’t want to get on that train; get the fuck out. You’re not supposed to be here.

Others are afraid of what people are going to think of them. You can never make everyone happy, and you don’t want to. You want to attract those in a similar vibration to you – growing, thinking, and making things happen! A percentage of the population already does not like you for unknown reasons, so you might as well go big and achieve your goal. There’s also the fear of losing money. I’ve lost money. I’ve made money. That’s how you learn and get better at making money.

Kudos to My Team!

I am proud and excited about my team and where we’re going.

Moving forward, we are introducing 1000 Profit Tiers because we want 1000 women in Persuade to Profit.

We want to help 1000 women increase their sales by 30% minimum.

Kudos to My Community!

This podcast is about the Make Money, Your Honey community. It’s about creating superstars within our organization. It’s time for us to go big and expand. We want to go out into the world and help as many people as we possibly can. So thank you so much for being on this journey with me these past few years!

Thank you to those who have watched the transition and to my newer listeners; because we can’t do any of this stuff without you – and we’re about to go even harder in serving you moving forward!

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