5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be An Entrepreneur

by Amanda Abella  - June 20, 2019

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Entrepreneurship is sexy. Everyone wants in on the hustle culture and I can’t go a day without someone asking me how to become an influencer. But the truth is not everyone should be an entrepreneur. In fact, some people are just fine where they are.

In this video, I cover 5 reasons why someone shouldn’t be an entrepreneur and why.

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Reason #1: If you need something more stable right now.

The first few years of entrepreneurship are anything but stable. That’s why if you need stability right now – like a paycheck – entrepreneurship is definitely not for you. Simply put, you need to focus on getting to a base financial level first. After that, then you might want to consider entrepreneurship.

Reason #2: If you’re fine where you are.

Some people have it really good at their jobs. They like the work environment, they feel challenged, they’re getting paid well and if they have sweet benefits. Unless you have some sort of calling in your soul that you were born to build your own business, then entrepreneurship is probably not for you.

Reason #3: If you give up too easily.

No one who becomes an entrepreneur becomes successful overnight. Absolutely no one. My success has taken damn near 10 years. You will be met with challenges, so if you’re one that gives up too easily then entrepreneurship is not for you.

Reason #4: If you aren’t willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Entrepreneurship inherently requires risk. You have to stick your neck out a lot and you will be rejected quite a bit. Basically, you have to step out of your comfort zone quite a bit. If this is an issue for you, then don’t be an entrepreneur.

Reason #5: If you’re in it for fame, money, clout or your own ego.

Unfortunately, because the online business space (and especially the influencer space) has gotten so much attention, people want in. The reason I say “unfortunately” is because I see a lot of people wanting to be an entrepreneur for the wrong reasons.

They want money, clout or they are trying to stroke their own ego. Which basically means they are stuck trying to prove themselves to other people.

In order to be successful in entrepreneurship, you must be willing to solve other people’s problems. The way I teach my students in Persuade to Profit is as follows:

“Your business is not really about you. It’s about the people you’re trying to help. You are simply just a vessel for the message.”


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