3 Social Media Marketing Examples for Small Business

by Amanda Abella  - May 27, 2020

social media marketing examples for small busine

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Welcome to weekly our social media marketing segment! In this week’s segment I’ll be sharing three social media marketing examples for small business. We’re living in a time where businesses are being FORCED to move online. Welcome! Some of us have been hanging out in this space for a while and we’re happy to have you!

Social media marketing caused A LOT of confusion. I want to set some expectations before I dive into the examples. Otherwise this is going to be a confusing mess for you. Here are the things you need figured out BEFORE you really dive into social media marketing.

  • Market research. You need data. Otherwise it’s the spray and pray method and that DOES NOT WORK. We walk clients through our signature market research process in Persuade to Profit. This helps warm up leads and makes sales easy. It also tells you what to actually post so that it’s effective. Don’t do ANYTHING until you’ve got the proper research done. Trust me it will save you much pain and anguish.


  • You need to know what you’re selling and to who. A lot of people use social media for fun – that was me for years. But this is social media marketing examples for small business, so let’s be real. You’re using social media to find leads and make money.


  • Even with data, there is still some trial and error involved. Don’t give up!


  • Yes, you could outsource this and you should at some point. But you can’t totally outsource social media marketing off the bat because whoever you hire is not going to know your market like you do.


  • As we discussed last week, you’ll want to layer in different social media marketing strategies over time. HOWEVER, don’t get distracted by shiny object syndrome. Stick to what works – and again that comes through trial and error.


We cover all of this in our signature program, Persuade to Profit. Click here to book a call with my team to learn more. Now let’s dive into three social media marketing examples for small business. Full disclosure, I’m totally biased because these are my favorites.

Live Videos

I’m a huge fan of live videos. I have been for years. Back when Periscope was poppin’ I was all over it. In fact, I literally re-arranged my ENTIRE business so that I could do more live videos because I enjoy it THAT much.

I like it for all of the following reasons:

  • It’s HIGHLY effective for warming up leads and building community. Basically – it works and it works fast.
  • It’s easy to repurpose the content. Meaning, you can use the same content in different places.
  • It’s easy to broadcast to different platforms all at once. I use Restream to broadcast to tens of thousands of people.

The video on this post IS a live video I broadcasted to tens of thousands of people on different platforms all at the same time. The replay then stays on YouTube. I can also make smaller videos out of it or we can take the audio and make it a podcast. It just makes everything easy.



Videos – like YouTube videos – are also extremely effective for warming up leads. You can also use them to close. For example, I had a conversation with someone last week who needs help with what we provide in Persuade to Profit. It was literally my first time meeting this person and I found out what some of the issues were. Well, I already had public video content to help her with a portion of the issues.

What does this do? Well, I go the extra mile which is a company motto of ours. I know most people don’t have that kind of nimbleness and an arsenal of content they can use to send to a brand new lead to get them warmed up. Additionally, you can use it for follow up and closes. I have closed new clients thanks to video content.

And finally, the content lives on forever. It keeps going and going and going and if you have the proper call to action – we cover that in Persuade to Profit – then you just build a machine of new leads coming in daily.


Podcasts are another one of my favorite social media marketing examples. Some might argue podcasting is not social media but I disagree – especially now that people stream themselves recording podcasts on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Here is why I love podcasting:

  • People can listen to you on their commute, while they are cleaning, while they are working etc. (It’s harder to do that with video)
  • They are also easy for repurposing.
  • This is awesome for people who don’t want to do video because they aren’t comfortable with it yet.
  • It’s way less work than video. I literally just record the episode and outsource the editing. It takes less energy and it’s easier to batch out.

These are just a few social media marketing examples for small business. There are many others which we cover in Persuade to Profit. We also teach you how to choose which option works for you based on your data and your preference and we teach you how to re-purpose content. Sign up for a complimentary strategy call with my team below so we can help you get started with social media marketing.


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