How to Speak and Stand Out with Laurie-Ann Murabito

by Amanda Abella  - May 9, 2023

In this week’s episode of the Make Money Your Honey podcast I’m sitting down with Laurie-Ann Murabito. Laurie-Ann is a new friend and colleague and we hit it off right away. I come to learn in this episode that we are both high DIs on the DISC sales assessment and that’s probably why. Anyway, we talk more about that in this episode.

Laurie-Ann is an award-winning speaker, best-selling Amazon author, Business Mentor, and Speaking Strategist. I help entrepreneurs like you get speaking opportunities for their business — and turn every presentation into more clients, more cash, and more clout.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Laurie-Ann overcame her painful shyness to now gracing stages with her presence
  • We talk about how to speak with heart so that you actually move people to take action
  • How to incorporate more of your personality into your messaging
  • Why people are attracted to fun and how to duplicate that into your sales process
  • The importance of having really strong boundaries to conserve your energy
  • The power of meditation and the downloads that you get from getting quiet
  • How people are using AI to avoid doing work and instead doing mental masturbation

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