How to Reduce Overwhelm As A Woman Entrepreneur

by Amanda Abella  - April 25, 2023

Let’s talk overwhelm.
A lot of women complain that they are overwhelmed. There is too much going on. Too much information. Too many options. Too much to do.
I’ve been there. A year ago I would have said the same.
I was fast approaching 7 figures in sales and then hit the wall of overwhelm.
It took me months to recover.
And then I made a radical decision.
I decided I no longer do overwhelm in my life.
I decided that complaining about overwhelm is basic bitch behavior because I’m reality I can decide how to use my time and energy.
That led me to a journey of completely reworking my life and business.
A year later I have more calm, more peace, more fun, better relationships, better support systems and more expansive opportunities that are more in alignment with my growth and evolution.
It’s come at the illusion of a high cost – as major change usually does – but the peace is worth it.
Besides, whatever I lost will come back to me tenfold because now I’m more in alignment.
The key word here is I made a DECISION not to be overwhelmed and then got to work making changes – no matter how painful those changes may have been.
Because when you draw a line in the sand you draw a line in the sand.
Most women have not.
They have not made the decision, therefore they don’t have the structures and flail around in the wind complaining about overwhelm.
And then get to work.
Here are the key culprits that I have witnessed cause overwhelm in women’s lives and businesses:
Culprit #1: Your business model has you trapped
Many of you are trading too much time for money and to add insult to injury you are undercharging. I see this disaster all the time and it keeps women trapped.
This comes down to:
A) you don’t value your time and energy
B) you don’t value your brain
These are the three most expensive things you have and many of you prostitute them for a small check. It’s survival thinking.
I’m talking women already making six figures here. Many are stuck because the can’t get past the Prostitute archetype. You have to DECIDE to shift.
Culprit #2: You don’t have boundaries
All your time is dictated by other people’s problems with no time or energy left for you.
Example: I’m not in my inbox on weekends. I’m barely on social on weekends. That’s my time for myself, friends and family.
With my family I’m very clear when I am and am not available. In fact I’m about to put the entire family on a google calendar so there is no confusion.
I have specific days and times for coaching, sales and marketing. As well as ceo day.
Culprit #3: Zero priorities.
Not everything is important and the things that are important aren’t all important at the same time.
But since you likely haven’t sat down to get clear on what those priorities are then you flail around yelling overwhelm and probably bought 15,000 courses you’ve done nothing with.
Get clear on what actually MATTERS:
1. Spirit
2. You
3. Others
In that order.
Culprit #4: No organization
When I decided I no longer do overwhelm I found a planner and project management system that worked for me. In fact even better I started using Notion which is customizable.
No more random notebooks everywhere. No more post it’s.
If things come up, they go in my system, I figure out what takes priority, I plan accordingly.
Culprit #5: No systems
I feel this one deeply. My quest for no more overwhelm led me to systematize pretty much my entire life and automate/leverage 90% of my business over the last year.
I now get to focus on my priorities and most of the grunt work is automated.
You’ve heard that everything in sales, correct? It’s true. Everything is also systems.
DM me if interested in one of the 3 VIP days I have left for mapping our your sales systems.
Culprit #6: You don’t have down time to contemplate.
When you don’t do this you don’t learn to hear yourself, when you don’t hear yourself you are not self sourced and therefore easily impressionable.
Many women out here are not self sourced and allowing coaches, training programs, good branding, shiny object syndrome, social media, the news and other people, etc impress upon them with no filter of discernment.
Culprit #6: Superwoman syndrome
Some of you insist on making your lives difficult by not asking for help or by not getting the help you need.
Pay for it if you have to. Barter. Figure it out.
Culprit #8: Your nervous system is overloaded
This is pretty much a result of all of the above however as I learned when I overloaded and then had to reboot my own nervous system, the regulation requires maintenance just like exercising your physical body.
Do what you gotta do here. Meditation, EFT, hypnotherapy, energy work, prayer, therapy, somatic work, sound frequencies, whatever works!
But most importantly, get the first 7 in check and you’ll have less overload. Or at least you’ll have some control over it.
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