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Over 30+ Years of Collective Experience

Amanda and Justin have each been in digital marketing for 15+ years. Amanda on the marketing, sales and PR side. Justin on the systems, technology and strategy side.

We've generated multiple 7-figures in sales for our clients across industries...

From travel to finance to medical to real estate to coaches and everything in between - the systems we teach have been tried and tested across multiple industries.

We save our clients time and money too...

We don't just make our clients more money with our strategies, we also save them time and money. Our clients have seen a reduction in expenses of over 50% in the first 90 days and up to an 84% reduction in workload.

We've done it ourselves...

We don't just regurgitate what other people teach. We thoroughly test every strategy we teach. For example, we teach email marketing automations based on having sent 100,000 emails on behalf of ourselves, our clients and our partners. We know what works and what doesn't and have the data to back it up.

Customers served! 2762 Businesses helped 
Customers served! 9999 Views and downloads
Customers served! 9999 tv, radio and podcast appearances

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Our trainings help you create a business that runs like a well oiled machine that helps you...

Reduce workload

By having automations running most of your business, you are able to work less and make more. When we started testing this for ourselves, we reduced our daily task load by 84%. That extra time is now spent on tasks that move the business forward or simply making the machine perform better - which is far less work than what most coaches out here are teaching businesses to do.

Reduce expenses

Over time, having automations doing most of the work reduces your overhead expenses because you have a machine running 24/7. Imagine having a machine automatically doing repetive tasks you used to have to outsource for thousands of dollars a month.

Make More Money

With proper automations and data tracking, you know exactly how well your marketing is performing, you know what leads are doing and you have all the information you need to make sales easier. Plus, the automations do a lot of the pre-selling for you.

Have More Time

Your most valuable asset is your time. By having automations in place, you now save time on tasks you would have previously had to do manually. That time can now be spent on hobbies, traveling, with your family or making more money.


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